Penny Family by Lauren Roeth

I've said this before, but there is no better way of saying it. Growing up in a blended family is one of the biggest reasons I am who I am today. Photographing this group was super special to me. I am thankful for family, those I have from the past, those I have in the present, and the ones I will gain in the future. So happy with how these turned out <3

Call Wedding by Lauren Roeth

I am so excited to wrap up this wedding for these high school sweethearts! The Call wedding was filled with more family and love than I have ever witnessed. Kiley and Randy have been so amazing and so patient during this process. It was a joy to capture their wedding day! Congratulations again Mr. + Mrs. Call <3

Vestal Wedding by Lauren Roeth

The best word to describe the Vestal wedding is magical. I witnessed a real-life fairytale with a prince and princess at the top of a castle. Kimmy and Christopher had the perfect day. Here are just a few of my favorites <3

Shoutout to Danielle Landers Photography for second shooting this perfect day and contributing to this collection of photos!

Cramer Wedding by Lauren Roeth

The Cramer wedding was held on a gorgeous day at The Willow Tree. Even in the short time I spent with Jessica + Bryan, you could see how well they fit together. Their wedding day was filled with so much love and laughter. Here are a few of my favorite photos from their special day <3

Brennan + Alli by Lauren Roeth

I haven't taken photos of these two in a long time. I can't believe how beautiful they are! Here are some of my favorites from my sibling session with Brennan + Alli!